Welcome to Temptation

Welcome to Temptation  - Jennifer Crusie 30% and still nothing is really happening. Sophie is an uptight little twat, Phin is a cardboard cutout of a Ken doll, Amy is selfish and awful, Clea is a lying slut, Liz is a greedy snob, Stephen is a power-hungry Nazi, Virginia is a fuckin' nutbag, Rachel is a boring doormat, Zane in a shady used car salesman caricature, Georgia is a jealous psycho, Frank is a clueless cuckold, and Rob is an actual Ken doll. The only character introduced so far that isn't awful is Phin's daughter, Dill. But she seems to have the most awful name, so I guess there's that. Oh, and Wes. He's basically the little angel on Phin's shoulder when it comes to whether or not Phin should debauche Sophie.

What is even the point of this story? It really just feels like snippets of a soap opera and a terrible soap opera at that. Just awful people being awful to each other and basically having sex in public.

I'm so fucking bored and mildly confused. I give up.