Dog with a Bone

Dog with a Bone - Hailey Edwards Note: I do NOT recommend reading the rest of this series. Thierry turns into an awful wimpering mess, the romance is shot to hell, and nothing makes a lick of sense. Enjoy this story for what it is, then forget the rest of the series exists.

Original review:

A pretty awesome story written poorly.

The writing and lack of world building was awful. It was confusing as hell, there were no explanations for anything. So you just had to go with it like, "yeah, it's a flobbernoggen, of course." Well, it sounded like a fucking hydra-sandworm, but thanks for the explanation, Madge.

That being said, the plot was awesome and even though the characters and their abilities aren't explained AT ALL, this was a really fun story. I was totally into it. The humor was on point, the romance wasn't too heavy, and the action was both entertaining and intense.

But dear god, there is literally zero world building and I was mildly confused for at least half the book. So you'll have to decide for yourself whether or not the fun factor will outweigh the confusion factor if you read this.