Because I'm Watching

Because I'm Watching - Christina Dodd I'm not sure how to review this one.

The Good
- the characters were well developed, believable, and relatable
- the romance wasn't front and center, which wouldn't have been believable in the midst of all this terror
- the plot line
- the Big Reveal twist of a climax
- the slow and steady suspense
- the humor
- Jacob got a little more page time than Maddie, I think

The Bad
- some things were kinda glossed over in favor of drama leaving holes in the backstory, but not the plot
- so much time is spent on secondary characters that I had to double check that Maddie was the main character
- a secondary character romance that fizzles before it begins and didn't add anything to the story
- politics that didn't add anything to Maddie and Jacob's story line

The Ugly
- I'm hiding this behind a spoiler tag, but it won't really spoil anything because by the time you got to the scene, you'd already know they're barking up the wrong tree and it doesn't affect the main story Long story short, the cops think some girl is being tortured and held captive because of some texts they've seen. They end up rescuing a girl and assume the case is solved. But the people that were abusing that girl would have had no reason to text the things they said. The cops know the person sending the texts is in town, while the recipient is out of town. The people abusing the girl were always together. No reason for the texts. And it drove me absolutely nuts that the police didn't pick up on this. It is a basic piece of investigating a crime - motive. Why would they text each other? They lived together. It makes no sense. In real life, I would blame the cops for this. In a book, I can only blame the author for leaving such a gaping hole in the cops' logic. I raged for a good 10 minutes about this before going back to reading.
- watching somebody getting gaslighted is really hard to stomach

Overall, I really liked it. I read it most of the day and probably would have stayed up all night to finish it if need be. Definitely recommended.