The Obsession

The Obsession - Nora Roberts Not...great.


We start off a bang. Amazing. Holy shit, that was an intense start. Then we spend an entire 50% with the everyday mundane shit of renovating a house, flirting with a man, and adopting a dog. FIFTY PERCENT. THAT MEANS HALF. HALF OF THE FUCKING BOOK. But then shit starts going down. Alright. Alright. Then we're back to mundane shit and pizza dates?! Ugh. The rest of the book is barely a slow burn. Whatever's just below "slow burn"... slower burn, I guess? I don't even know. I was constantly waiting for an explosion of WTFery as a climax, because then this slow-as-molasses plot lulling you into complacency would pay off when the reader is completely taken by surprise. But that is not what happened. The climax was there and done before I was even able to get amped up about it. Also, the killer's identity was super obvious to me as soon as we got a scene from his POV. I think Nora Roberts overplayed her hand on that one.

I expected and would have been quite pleased with more suspense, a little more danger. Nothing happens until 56% and then things happen in fits and starts. It was hella long. For the last maybe 30%, I was just anxious for something to happen already and it wasn't an enjoyable way to read a book. I like the mundane stuff just fine, but less of it would have been nice.

My biggest complaint, though. Oh man. How could Nora Roberts be so silly? Okay, Xander thinks Naomi is in danger, living all alone out there away from town and at the mercy of a serial killer, so he stays overnight with her. But he stays on-call for roadside assistance... so he's repeatedly leaving Naomi alone - at night - while he goes out to meet who even knows on the side of an empty road. HOW. STUPID. ARE. YOU.

This book bored me and pissed me off, but I also enjoyed the characters and I liked the basic plot. I think Nora Roberts got carried away with the mundane, daily living things. And that she took too long to get things moving into the 'suspense' part of 'romantic-suspense'. Overall, I did enjoy it but I think she can do way better.