A Promise of Fire

A Promise of Fire - Amanda Bouchet Jan. 2017: Reread before reading the sequel. Still adore this book and can't wait to devour the next. I'm gonna be up all night!


Aug. 2016: Sooo... This is awkward. I originally opened this book to see the first sentence started with "I pluck..." I melodramatically announced that first person present tense was anathema and was DNFing it right then and there.

Stupid. So fucking stupid. This was an awesome story.

In my own defense, I felt like a judgemental bitch afterwards and decided I should at least read the first scene before bringing the hammer down. I was hooked like 2 pages in. Read it all day. It's damn near 2am now.

So good. It was so fucking good. Nothing went how I expected it to. There was endless humor amidst all the action, magic, and romance. The magic was pretty crazy, the action intense, and the romance... Yowza! Steamy. No wait, sizzling!

Cat was spectacular! I actually loved all the characters, but Cat is something special. She's a bit of a brat and I'm not sure I would react the same way she did to certain things, bit I GOT her, man. I loved being in her head. She's a hot mess. Griffin... Oooh, broody and charming, tall dark and handsome, and beloved warlord. Does it get any hotter? I'll forgive abduction for that tall glass of yum.

I missed the ability to get to see Griffin's side of things with the limited POV, but I adored Cat's voice so much that I easily forgot about it. I honestly don't think a different POV would do Cat's story justice. And I'm incredibly happy I regained my senses long enough to give this book an actual chance in spite of my POV prejudice. I could kick my past self from yesterday for almost missing out.

I just... I really loved this book. And I'm glad I got it as a new release so I'll be able to enjoy it all over again before enjoying the sequel.