Ryland - Kathi S. Barton Jan 2017: Not in the mood to start a new book, so I'm rereading anything I gave 4-5 stars to. I still enjoyed it, mainly because of the ridiculously incompetent and stupid villains. The heroine has some crazy superpowers that are great, but she went from "all men are rapists" to "madly in love hornball" entirely too quickly for me to really like her much. I dunno... honestly, the best part of this story were the mentally deficient villains.

July 2016: Somewhat poorly edited, though not enough to drive you crazy. The villain was hilarious. The sex scenes were pretty great. The characters were all Mary Sues, but I wasn't looking for something with a whole lot of character development right now. I feel like half my GR friends would rage-quit this and the other half would go 'meh', but it worked for me tonight.