Guardian's Mate

Guardian's Mate -  Jennifer Ashley So there's this running joke throughout the book and the entire Shifter community that Zander is insane. Let me assure you, he totally is. But it's a fun kind of insane.

I liked the characters quite a bit and the plot was good, but I felt a lull in there before the climax that was tough to trudge through. Just stick it out - it was worth it in the end.

These stories are kiiinda standalone - you don't absolutely have to read the previous books to enjoy this one, but you really should at least read the first book in this series to understand the collars, the Fae, the Shifters, etc. Main characters from past books show up but they usually don't play a huge role, however it sounds like Rae is a bit more important than previous main characters. I hope to see more of her and Zander in future books.