Irresistible Force

Irresistible Force - D.D. Ayres Okay so, this chick adopts a dog to protect her from her crazy ex-boyfriend that had previously raped her. Then she finds out that the dog is actually a trained police K-9 and tries to keep it. When she finally realizes that she cannot keep the dog, she tries to have the police officer arrested for trespassing. When she finally realizes that's a bad idea, she tries to get the dog to choose her over his police officer partner. When she finally realizes that the dog will not disobey his partner, she still tries to call him by the wrong name and saying "my dog"... "You're actually going to take away my dog?!" No, lady. He's taking back his dog. Later that day, her crazy ex-boyfriend shows up and threatens her - she's 100% sure that he's going to destroy her in a violent fit of possessive rage. But alas, police officer and K-9 show up to save the day!

I'll forgive her raging hormones being the first thing she thinks of as the cop busted in to rip her away from her attacker, but I can't forgive her refusing to press charges. She'll press charges against the cop for trying to retrieve his partner, but not the man that sexually assaulted her, stalked her, terrorized her, and just laid hands on her again.

That's pathetically TSTL and there has not been one single sentence so far that indicates she has any sort of redeeming quality. She just seems like a huge bitch that stews in denial and lashes out at all the wrong people.