Sunfire - Lynne Connolly A whole lot of "oh baby" in here. Way too many. Nobody actually says that unless they're mocking bad porn.

The plot and characters were both good. My main complaint is the flowery and cheesy declarations of love. It didn't pair with the raw and raunchy dirty sex scenes.

The chick, Corinne I think, had a TSTL moment that almost made me DNF the whole thing. I was reading with my jaw on the fucking floor because I just could not believe what she was doing. But feeling that level of shock was almost entertaining, like a super huge plot twist. But the twist is that Corinne is a fucking moron. Surprised!?

So minus one star for the ridiculously purple prose and another star for Corinne being dumb as a bag of Legos. I still liked her, though, so don't let my previous statements mislead you.

Would I recommend it? If I could run a find and replace on every utterance of the phrase "oh baby" and substitute "oh fuck", then send you that version of the book... Probably.