The Hurricane

The Hurricane - J. R. V Prescott I read this days ago, not sure why I didn't review it. And now it's not fresh enough in my mind to write a decent review. So I'm just going to bitch about one little thing, it's really the only negative I can think of. I did enjoy the rest of the story, I remember that much at least.

So my problem is that Emily is off at college, kinda hiding from her evil step father. She keeps thinking he's gonna find and kill her. It's pretty dark and she has reason to believe he'll come after her. The issue is that she thinks "I'm in so much danger, I should keep to myself and stay alone and not make friends." She seems to think that her step father can just come get her and drag her home, like she's not an adult? If I were in her shoes, I would make sure that everyone I knew was fully aware of my evil step father, that he's not allowed around here, that he's dangerous, etc. Keeping yourself alone is keeping yourself vulnerable. "I can't bond with anyone because he'll be coming for me eventually!" NO! It should be "I need to bond with everyone, surround myself with people, because he'll come for me eventually and if I'm alone, who is there to know or care that I've been kidnapped? Who will seek justice for me?" Now, don't get me wrong - she eventually WAS surrounded by friends and protectors, just like she needed to be. But she didn't make the effort, she gathered people almost in spite of herself.

So yeah, I had a problem with that backwards thinking. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this story. AND NOW I REMEMBER WHY I DIDN'T REVIEW IT! My brain-bulb just clicked on. I was going to read the sequel and then review both of them, because it's a continuation of this story - not another romance focusing on another H/h pairing. I need to track that down ASAP.