Saving Jake

Saving Jake - Sharon Sala *sigh* Okay. First, there is an over-abundance of God here. The kid's praying, the mom's praying, the soldier is praying - all separately, but all in like, the same few pages. Thank you God for the sun coming up, please God let them be okay, thank you God for my blessings, please God keep them safe. Oh my GOD, that's more than enough, thank you. I don't have anything against God, I just want to read about something else, too.

And when I say I want to read about something else, I do not mean a stubborn widow's bitterness towards her dead husband that results in her treating others poorly and hurting her daughter's feelings. This is so far removed from what I am used to from Sharon Sala and I do not like.

I'm also quite bored, as I've stopped reading twice just to check on whether my eyebrows needing plucking. Yes - I would rather pluck hairs from my face one by one than read this, so I guess that says all that needs to be said.