Hold On

Hold On - Kristen Ashley Okay, I haven't read any of this series before but I'm glad I decided was convinced by Val's review to read this one book. It was super fucking long, but I liked it.

Of course, Kristen Ashley has to have somebody kidnapped. It drives me absolutely insane because that shit does not happen often. There are so many other ways to traumatize somebody without kidnapping. I hope she finds something new because I strongly dislike reading her stories knowing that somebody's going to be kidnapped around 90% of the way through the book.

What I liked about this particular story was that I didn't know who was going to end up being the bad guy/kidnapper. Is it gonna be the crazy step-mom? The delusional ex-wife? The dickhead neighbor? The creepy reporter? The drug lord? The strung out ex-boyfriend? Some totally random person we haven't seen before?! IT COULD BE ANYBODY! Usually we know who the bad guy is through the whole story and you know they're gonna strike at 90% because Kristen Ashley is insanely formulaic. Not this time. Oh no, I was like "It's him! It'll be him! No... it's her! Yeah, it's so obvious! But wait! No!" It ended up being somebody that I had considered and dismissed, but looking back on it - of course it was them.

I also liked that once Cher and Merry got together, they were together. Instead of a shitload of back and forth relationship drama I usually get in the Colorado Man series, there was a lot of external drama to deal with here. I much prefer that. I'm kinda sick of Kristen Ashley making her characters run out on their relationships, so this was a nice change.

As always, I have my small complaints and annoyances that keep this from being five stars, but this was definitely a pleasure to read. It was fucking long, though. 641 pages. I probably skipped 41 pages because a) I don't care about side-characters' backstory, and b) I skipped most of the epilogue because I don't care about the past book characters. This is the final book in the series, so the epilogue gave eeeveryone their happy endings. I didn't care. I skipped around until I found Ethan's epilogue and skipped the rest.

Sooo overall, a winner from Kristen Ashley. I'm still not gonna read her Fantasyland series and I'm still wary of anything she publishes because she's stuck in a rut of basically writing the same book over and over again with different characters. But if this ends up being the last KA book I ever read, at least I'll have finished on a strong note.

Also, Val was right - that was a smokin' hot sex scene.