Beyond the Darkness

Beyond the Darkness - Katie Reus I speed read this one because it felt kinda predictable. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel like 4 stars is definitely appropriate. Just one TSTL moment that falls on the shoulders of both the hero and heroine.

Keelin was an interesting character, desperate for freedom but unable to separate her parent's overprotective behavior from Bran's alpha male desire to protect. It made for an interesting relationship development plot. Bran was a little one dimensional and I don't think he came across that way just because of my speed reading - he was basically just an cookie cutter alpha male, but not so flat that he was a boring character.

The villain could have been a little more developed. Some more background on him and a bit more... Hmm. I guess "emotional reaction" is an acceptable phrase? When he failed, he didn't really react emotionally, just kinda "ugh, okay, let's try again"... Whereas I expected a raging hissy fit.

Nyx and Bo get a little page time in this book and I have to say I'm now more interested in them than I am in Keelin and Bran. I enjoy the dragons, but I'm excited to see how a demigod and half-demon work together.

Definitely recommended for dragon-shifter fans.