Sinful Secrets

Sinful Secrets - Cynthia Eden I skipped Drake's story (#4) because he was suuuch a dick in Noah's story (#3). Just went right on through to this one.

Sinful Secrets has a soap opera plot, which was entertaining but also tedious. Cat doesn't trust Jason until the story is pretty much over. She spends the entire time trying to run away from him or allowing herself to be seduced into staying. It made for a terribly weak character even though she obviously felt like she was taking a stand. I'd have given this four stars if Cynthia Eden would have just written Cat and Jason into showing a united front for more than two pages.

As for Jason, he isn't a great hero, to be honest. He's completely thoughtless when it comes to Cat's feelings and is totally driven by hate. Every so often he'd say or do something that would make me go "Yeah, now THAT'S a hero!" But it would quickly be followed by "Oooh nooo, you fuckbag dumbass, you did NOT just say that!" I am torn.

Overall, I guess I liked it. Mainly the suspense because WTF I did not see any of that coming. The characters were disappointing, though. I really enjoy Cynthia Eden's work, especially because I can reread her books so easily, but this is one I definitely won't be reading again.