Under Pressure

Under Pressure - Laurie Roma
Bella knew they were overreacting. Nothing had happened since that night in New York. Nothing. The only thing that could be a concern was the few hang-ups she had gotten at home the last few days. Wrong numbers. Everyone got them.

Oh, you dumb stupid bitch... SMH.

I had been teasing with the thought that this was some kind of P2P Twilight fanfiction. I dunno why exactly - probably the insta-love, dark obsession, Jason (Jacob) and Bella, stuff... you know. But I'd swear on the Torah that Edward said this same shit in Twilight:
“You are the most important thing in my life now, Bella. I will do whatever it takes to make you safe. No one will take you from me,” he said softly.

I'm not gonna go hunt down the actual line from Twilight, but I know - I know - it's daaamn close. Like, too close to not be on purpose.

I mostly liked it. I'm not proud of it.