2016 on Goodreads

2016 on Goodreads - Various I couldn't pick a single favorite book for 2016. I read some really good ones. So here are a few that have stuck out, surprised me, or blown me away.

I'm kinda in love with Burn. I usually don't dig the demon stories, but this world and these characters are really great. The sequel was awesome and I'm aching for the next book.

But I also had a great time with Discord Jones. It had a rough start and it's still ridiculously unbelievable even for UF, but I'm sold now.

A Sorceress of His Own is also worth a mention, though I'm insanely disappointed that the sequel focuses on another H/h pairing. I would have loved more of this couple.

I almost missed out on A Promise of Fire because I've been too snobby about first person present tense POVs. This book proved to me that I was a dumbass. Such an amazing book.

Harmony Black was a surprise for me. And one of the few male authors I've enjoyed.

On Nalini Singh's recommendation, I tried Dark Horse and loved it. It was so damn good.

A lot of people seemed to think Chrystal Bones was awful, but I adored it. I dunno why.

I reread Theirs Not to Reason Why, and Guild Hunter, Tairen Soul, and the entire Sharon Sala collection.

My worst book of 2016 is an easy one. The Alpha's Minx - hands down. I actually had the GR librarians add the book to GR just so I could give it a 1 star rating when I hadn't even read half of the fucking PROLOGUE. That's how awful it was.