Cast in Fury

Cast in Fury - Michelle Sagara As I grudgingly click the "Want to Read" button, I can't help but wonder if I'm a masochist. The heroine in this series is incredibly brave and warm-hearted, but she's also stupid. I mean super fucking stupid. She offends everyone that could take offense and kill her. She refuses to learn damn near anything. She is possibly the most flawed heroine I've ever read. And I think the author keeps her dumb so that she asks stupid questions and gives the other characters a chance to explain things for the reader. It's not like SHE actually learns anything, so it MUST be for the reader's sake. It's also some of the most difficult writing I've ever read - it's confusing and poorly explained. Had I downloaded this book illegally, I would have thought somebody randomly deleted important paragraphs every other page.

*sigh* I didn't realize there were a dozen books in this series - I honestly thought it was a trilogy. So I'm taking some time off from this awful heroine and I'll come back to it later because I NEED to know more, but I legit can't stand another moment of Kaylin right now.