Kill Without Mercy

Kill Without Mercy - Alexandra Ivy So, I knew who the killer was before the character was even mentioned or introduced. There are just too many stories with this plot to not recognize it immediately. That was a bit of a bummer, as the mystery was ruined pretty quickly. But the suspense was still there, and of course... the romance. :) Not to say there was no mystery, there are at least three mysteries in this book that need solving. But one of them was blatantly obvious.

Rafe was a character I have zero complaints about. Typical alpha male, but really smart and in possession of a great personality. I only wish we had a bit more character development for him. But that seemed to be Annie's thing - she began as a determined, but frightful little thing and I found her insanely naive at times. I liked her, though. And I liked how she became stronger and more confident as things progressed. She still made missteps, but she recognized them immediately and tried to fix them. I also totally understood why she was unsure if Rafe would still be interested in her once she was no longer a damsel in distress. Their relationship was entirely free of the usual "I'm leaving you to save you" bullshit you usually find in romantic suspense stories.

One thing that drove me crazy - absolutely insane, really - was this one line in the book. "Squashed it in the bud"... that is not a phrase. "Nipped it in the bud" is the correct phrase. And I even Googled it to make sure there wasn't some weird version of the phrase that used "squashed" instead of "nipped". Nope. That's not a phrase. And I constantly thought back on it throughout the rest of the book. It bothered me so much, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Now, if you read this book, you won't stop thinking about it, either.

Soooo overall... I did enjoy the story very much. It wasn't entirely predictable, but the execution could have been a teensy bit better. The other men of ARES - Lucas, Hauk, Teagan, and Max - will undoubtedly have their own steamy stories with lots of drama and mystery. And I will absolutely read them. Especially Lucas' story - he had very little page time in this book, I don't think he actually showed up on page anywhere. But I am intrigued to the extreme. And oh look, his is the next book. Guess I'm gonna go buy that right now.

Definitely recommended.