Fire in His Blood

Fire in His Blood - Ruby Dixon *sigh* I could have loved this. But Claudia was a hard character to like. It took me nearly 60% of the book to warm up to her. Mainly because she kept doing that thing I hate. I dunno if it's a trope, but it happens often enough that it should be. She kept trying to escape a "not so bad" situation to run back to an "absolutely awful" situation. I shall explain without spoiling things, as most of this happens in chapter one.

Claudia is arrested for scavenging - which Ruby Dixon explains a dozen times in one chapter as being the only way to survive without whoring yourself - and is sentenced to be exiled, which is basically a death sentence. Instead of being exiled, she is offered to a dragon as "bait". The dragon proceeds to feed her, pamper her, and make sure she's comfy and happy. Does Claudia accept this? No. She repeatedly tries to escape to go back to the city she was exiled from. Like they're going to welcome her back with open arms or something? Her best case scenario is being exiled again. Which is, like I said, a death sentence.

This is a trope (maybe) that I fucking hate. I have raged long and hard over heroines trying to escape situations in which they are basically doing just fine. IE: Trying to escape a space ship in the middle of nowhere. It really makes me hate the character because I gotta say, it's fucking dumb.

So I did NOT like Claudia for a while. And even in the end, she still wasn't all that likable, but I skimmed from about 65-100% so I honestly didn't read enough to continue disliking her. Also, if your options for survival are whoring or scavenging, how do the men survive?

Am I interested in reading the rest of this series? Nope. Ruby Dixon blew her load with this story and the way things are set up, she can't possibly write 3 more stories that are unique enough to keep me interested. They're all gonna be carbon copies of each other like her Ice Planet Barbarian series and I didn't like this story enough to reread 3 slight variations of it.

I doubt I'd recommend this one, but I ain't your mama so you do you and read it if you want.