Chosen - K.F. Breene K.F. Breene really is a great writer, but everything I've read so far starts out so damn slow I'm bordering on DNFing it before the good stuff happens.

Well, this was another great start to a series. Shanti and Cayan are both great characters and all the secondary characters are a delight once you figure out how to keep them all straight - there are a lot of them in this story. Plenty of action here, and I really enjoy the fight scenes. Half the time I can't even figure out how bodies are moving, but there's enough happening that I just kinda glide through it all with the understanding that bad guys are getting their asses kicked.

My main - pretty much my only - complaint is the contradictory nature of Shanti. She's incredibly confident and intelligent, but is ruled entirely by fear. And that just doesn't jive with me. I realize every heroine needs flaws lest they become Mary Sues, but this particular flaw didn't feel right with the rest of her personality and past. And it was so extreme that she completely disregarded fact and hobbled herself in her quest to save people.

I dunno, maybe - just maaaybe - she started to realize that at the very end and she'll set herself on the right road in the next book, but I'm not confident in that. Just hopeful. Because if she keeps on her current path, I'm gonna hate her... and the next book.

Another book by K.F. Breene that I would definitely recommend. Yay!